Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 13, 2008 – Short Ride Through the Cols

Today’s ride was short and with some climbing. My knee was once again sore – and I wasn’t in the mood for doing anything but getting through the ride and on to the stop for the night.

This day was not particularly memorable for me. I didn’t find the cols that we ascended to be particularly beautiful – no more beautiful than the mountains in Montana. I did stop in Le Pompidou to take a photo of a woman there. She wondered why I wanted her photo. I told her I was American and wanted to capture images of the people of France. She nodded, and she said she understood and wished me well on my journey.

I was glad today's ride was short - and hurried to camp near Anduze to watch the end of the Tour de France.

Total miles: 44

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