Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 7, 2008 – Along the Dordonge River

Today was day two of my biking odyssey. Today is our longest day – more than 70 miles of biking. I started off again with the group, and again, the pace was too slow, so I took off on my own. The scenery was awe-inspiring. From St. Emillion, I passed through miles and miles of vineyards on narrow country roads. The route followed the Dordonge River.

From St. Emillion, I stopped by St. Christophe to take a few pictures at the market and to find a pharmacy to prevent infection of my wound. After my stop, I was once again on my way. The destination was Monbazillac to see the picnic at a castle. What a remarkable structure! Tours were offered in French and English, but it was already 1 p.m. and the English tour wasn’t until 3. The weather was chilly, and rain threatened. I was starting to get cold so I opted to start before the rest of the group. Five minutes into my ride, it started pouring. I had on my water resistant Pearl Izumi jacket, so I was dry on top. Just my sunglasses were streaked with rain and my feet were becoming wet and cold.

A tail wind pushed me on my way, and I decided to move as fast as I could toward the campground for the night. I still had about 20 miles to go, but I knew if I stopped I would just get colder. The towns were a blur as I was single-mindedly pedaling.

When I arrived at the campground in Limeuil I was there before the support van, so I went inside the campground bar and ordered a glass of red wine. Soon Drew, Claire (two of the tour group leaders) and Becky (who opted to ride in the van because she didn’t have rain gear) showed up. I quickly set up my tent and got my clothes out to take a shower. I spent the evening at the campground, too tired to trek into town, a mere half mile or so away. Every afternoon, I have been watching the Tour de France live with my group. Then later, I ordered pizza and washed it down with red wine, and was tucked in by 9. I slept soundly and comfortably.

Total miles: 72

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